This The proactive approach taken by Liberty Construction actually reduces the chance of incidents occurring. With excellent supervision and regular jobsite assessment, our projects stay safe. In addition, we have the ability to adjust to the customer’s requests to keep your risk to a minimum. Our jobsites will make you look great!


We consider quality a critical issue. We must deliver a product that consistently meets your expectation. For that reason, we use only quality proven products and vendors that are reliable. You will not be disappointed in our recommendations for your project. We have your interest first.


You will get great pricing. You will not pay for huge overhead expenses. No big staff to pay for, no large office building, just the direct expenses for your project. In this economy, that is important to everyone. We don't cheapen the services by cutting corners or using unqualified subcontractors. Simply put...we have a lower overhead, which saves you money.

Personal Attention

No more frustration in being passed from one person to the next. Your estimator is your project manager. Your project manager is your account manager. Your account manager is your executive contact. You deal with one person who has the ability to answer your questions and solve your problems.


You're dealing with a professional construction manager that has the experience of over 1,000 projects. We understand the small projects and the need to get them done quick. We can adjust to seemly impossible time schedules. We also understand bigger more complex construction projects. We utilize current technology to deliver the best construction services to you on time and at or under budget. We have the know how to deliver what you need.


Because of our small company culture, we're not set in our ways. We can adjust our delivery methods to your requirements. We can provide any level of service that you need. From simple maintenance issues, to highly complex assessments and construction, we are able to adapt to your way of doing business.